Green Corporate Social Responsibility

According to surveys, the building sector is responsible for almost 42% 

of the US’s energy consumption and approximately 35% of all greenhouse gas emissions. Nowadays, businesses recognize the need to act ecologically and build Green CSR.

Cronos Trade Inc. provides solutions & services that grow social responsibility through eco–friendly methods. We apply the best environmental practices that aim at CO2 emission reduction, expansion of RES’ use as well as water & waste-water management so that enterprises reduce their negative impact on the environment and benefit from the advantages of energy efficiency.


There are many reasons why the controls in a building may be in need of Retro-Commissioning. The most significant are human behavior, software and hardware-equipment. Any building suffers from these, which at the bottom line cost money, since it runs inefficiently. Statistically, utility bills maybe reduced by 10-25% when proper procedures are followed and with an average payback time of less than 1.5 years. 

Measurement & Verification

With a great number of energy saving interventions in commercial, industrial and domestic sectors, we differentiate from the market competition by our unique, energy-saving Measurement & Verification (M&V) service package.

Cronos Trade Inc. M&V is applied on projects featuring LED Lighting, HVAC as well as Industrial & Building envelope interventions.

This service package includes:

The Measurement Process

  • Client’s request

  • Energy Consumption Pre-Analysis

  • Walk-Through Audit

  • High-accuracy smart energy metering systems installation

  • Real-time energy consumption measurement

The Verification Process:

  • Energy Data Analysis

  • Turn-key energy saving interventions proposal with pre-evaluated ROI

  • Verification of energy saving through the data analytics platform, according to the elaborated technical and financial study.

  • Implementation of interventions

Energy Monitoring

Cronos Trade Inc. through intense and specialized R&D offers Energy Monitoring Solutions that reduce the energy profile of our clients & sustain it in the long run.

At the total extent of our business, Cronos Trade Inc. is taking full advantage of all the benefits of dtwise applications. By using the operational intelligence of dtwise platform, we analyze generated energy data in an easy, fast and secure way and turn them into valuable KPIs. Since it measures consumption of every energy source (electricity, water, gas oil etc.) in real-time, our clients get an overview of their data and optimize them if needed.

Domestic, Commercial & Industrial clients are able to take advantage of the Energy Monitoring Overview benefits as they reduce energy consumption, improve performance & energy efficiency and achieve significantly lower operational costs at the bottom line.

RES Monitoring

RES Monitoring is a global innovative solution that offers to monitor, and multidimensional analytics over Renewable Energy Sources and therefore provides complete control of your investment. Solar parks, wind farms, water & biogas energy production plants can improve in terms of performance, production, and efficiency.

Powered by dtwise, RES Monitoring manages & integrates in real-time any type of installation. We are proud to offer:

  • Multiple park management in a single dashboard

  • Benchmarking over various KPIs through Big Data engine.

  • Financial KPIs and investment indexes assessment based on models and measured data (production ratios, ROI etc).

  • Maintenance and fault report management

  • Accurate Performance Ratio calculation

  • Data measurement and processing from any type of inverters

  • Data measurement and processing from any type of sensors (pyranometers, wind meters, ambient temperature, panel temperature)

  • IEC 61724 conformity

Cronos Trade, Inc.

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